It used to be all about technology and links. Today, it's a marketing discipline that is about securing maximum organic visibility for your brand via search engines by giving users the content they are looking for.

Since 2008, KliKKi has been a global influencer on the development of best practices and methodologies in the area.

Traditional SEO focuses on optimizing existing content for a limited number of popular keyword phrases to get top Google rankings for those terms. But does it really provide people (customers) with the information they are looking for? Does it enable a company website to truly meet the vast needs and wants of a market characterized by complexly varying demands from person to person?  Does it accommodate customer heterogeneity the way we MUST in this age of mass personalization?

Today SEO has developed into what can be best described as the core of digital marketing. It is about securing that your content planning and publishing processes are based on insights generated from your market’s online behavior and from search demand.

Our approach puts the customer first: we examine what people are actually looking for, and strive to give them the very best content online related to the topic in which they are interested. It is about strategic marketing.

We talk a lot about the long tail in SEO, and it’s commonly believed that between 80 and 90 percent of all searches fall into this category depending on the industry sector. A long-tail query is one with a relatively small amount of search demand. ie. only a small number of people are searching exactly with that keyword phrase. By definition then, if we are able to offer content specific to that need, we are delivering on this principle of mass personalization.

Long tail SEO

So why don’t more marketers put long-tail theory into practice? Because it’s hard.  In order to address all these very specific needs you need to build systems for SCALE when it comes to your keyword discovery and management as well as content creation and management.  Otherwise it’s simply not worth the investment in each piece of personalized content.

It is also about securing hygiene factors such as providing the right website structure or the right technology platform, and securing that your online visibility is not at risk when publishing new content. A site that performs across a full portfolio of keywords and captures the 80-90 percent of market demand missed by traditional SEO obviously has a massive advantage. It’s that opportunity that we are exploiting for our clients.

Whatever the type of content our customers build their sites with, by approaching search engine optimization from a market-first perspective we put the end customer in focus and build sites that provide content that’s relevant to each and every search in our portfolio of keywords.

KliKKi’s SEO services include: Market Insights, Competitor benchmarking, Keyword mapping, Market driven site architecture, Content Audit & Strategy, Content promotion, Technical Audit & Strategy, Migration projects and more.

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