A crucial part of an always on paid media strategy is to utilize the most recent and efficient display solutions available and to combine the right content/creative with the right placement and channel. In practice this means having the right banner, for the person, at the right time and the right price. Using customer and other data is the key to success.

We at Klikki divide display to two sections; prospecting and converting display. With prospecting display, we mean all the upper funnel advertising that has targets like increased brand awareness or product/service interest. Usually this kind of advertising is done with bigger banner formats and on well known sites. Typical example of prospecting display advertising is a Youtube campaign with a preroll format. 

Converting display to us at Klikki means all the lower funnel advertising that has usually only sales related targets like Cost of Sales. We use technology to retarget banners with right content to people who have visited the site but has not converted. Usually this kind of advertising is done with standard banner formats across all add exchanges and devices. Typical example of converting display advertising is having banners that have products/services that a person has looked at on a site but has not bought showing dynamically on banners across ad exchanges like Doubleclick and Microsoft exchange.

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