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Engage your audience at their own terms and conditions

Sunfleet is the leading car sharing company in Sweden and they have been in collaboration with KliKKi for many years. 

Even though the carsharing market is growing the awareness of the service is low and sometimes misunderstood. Therefore Sunfleet wanted a way to create awareness of the services, benefits and the brand. 

In order to accomplish this we came up with the idea to launch an app on Sunfleet’s Facebook page with the purpose to help the user to figure out whether or not carsharing was something for them. The app takes the users perspective and based on their preferences; environmental, economical and/or practical gives input on whether or not carsharing is something for them. 

Corresponding to the launch of the app we carried out several targeted marketing campaigns. The targeting was based on Sunfleet’s geographical coverage, focus areas and target audiences. 

The application is not limited in time or scope meaning that it is permanently placed on Sunfleet’s Facebook page and therefore can be used to activate users at any time. 

Since the launch of the application Sunfleet has seen significant results 

  • Raised engagement and number of fans 
  • Increased traffic to the website 
  • Increased number of sign ups

Click here to visit the app