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Utilizing cross device learnings to boost performance

If is one of the largest insurance brokers in the Nordic Region and has been in partnership with KliKKi since 2009.


The insurance industry is a highly competitive field and consumers are demanding both quality in the service as well as a competitive price. During the last 4-5 years, conducting price comparison research has been a key part of upper funnel purchase behaviour. On the paid search side the segment has experienced increasing CPC prices as well as decreasing search growth rates.

If’s and KliKKi’s challenge was to create a strategy for how to improve visibility to cover all steps in the online purchase decision funnel and still maintain the efficiency in the overall online acquisition.


The first step was to identify the purchase decision funnel and to utilize the insights to increase conversions. Further we utilized the data obtained throughout the digital journey in order to identify and target specific audiences, for example by using Remarketing for Search.

The outcome was a revised SEM strategy based on

  • Optimization for different stages of the decision funnel
  • Identifying and targeting qualified audiences
  • Adapting the message based on search intent


Following the implementation of the strategy we have seen significant results, such as

  • 92% YoY growth in transactions
  • 31% YoY decrease in CPA