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Improving customer experience through Analytics

Hyresgästföreningen (The Swedish Union of Tenants) is the largest membership organization for tenants in Sweden. The organization’s web page is one of the main source of information for more than half a million members.

KliKKi was faced with the challenge on how to capture data from website behaviour in order to gain visitor insights on a national and regional level that could be used for further improvements of the user experience.

With this customer KliKKi’s the standard steps within KliKKi’s Analytics & Insights process were applied: 

Strategy – Derived from the organization’s overall business goals we defined measurable web KPI’s for each stakeholder.

Implementation and Quality Assurance – Together with the client we managed the implementation of tracking aligned with the KPI’s and handled the verification process to ensure that these are measured correctly. Training – Through training we have secured and transferred the knowledge on how to use the tools and how to interpret the KPI’s to the organization.

The project has significantly improved the understanding of the members’ online behavior. Several improvements has been made on the site, which has made it possible to improve the overall customer experience. The KPIs and overall Analytics continues to be an important aspect in the development of the site experience.