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Local visibility drives global results


The car rental industry is characterized by fierce competition and price sensitivity. Therefore it is crucial to present the right content in the right place at the right time in order to leave a mark in the consumers mind.  


The first thing we identified was that the related search behavior is dominated by searches with local intent. This is an important finding in two dimensions.

Searches made on desktop often have the search phrase (eg. car rental) combined with area, city or region name. On the fast growing mobile segment the search will show local results even without local parameters in the search phrase.

Therefore our work has been focused on creating great content and user experience to meet the search intent. Pages have been created for each region, city and station containing information (Name, Adress, Tel.), GPS-coordinates, Opening hours, maps and booking possibilities. In addition to this we have also created Google+ Local pages and connected the two.


Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a great development in search-traffic and search engine visibility followed by increased conversion and sales.

  • 341% increase in Search Engine Visibility (YoY)
  • 200% increase in Search Traffic (YoY)
  • 86% increase in number of Keywords sending traffic from search engines (YoY)