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Tero Tiainen will be responsible for developing Klikki’s business, services and marketing on the Finnish market, thus contributing to the Nordic Morning offering. He has started on Monday, November 28th.

Previously, Tiainen has worked as CDO at Omnicom Media Group and as partner at Relevant Partner 4 Media. He is still a member of the company’s board of directors as well as a member of the board at Gainer Oy.

“Tero’s long experience in working with technologies and data combined with his business know-how will strengthen our ability to support customers in the digital transformation together with our sister companies, such as Sitrus, Ottoboni and Seed Digital Media,” says Jukka Sundquist, Managing Director of Klikkicom Oy.

“There is a genuine passion in Klikki’s way of operating, and the company invests heavily in the wellbeing of the employees. Now is also an exciting time to join Nordic Morning, as the group is entering an interesting phase of development led by the new CEO Anne Årneby,” says Tero Tiainen.

“What fascinates me with Nordic Morning is that together with the sister companies, we can provide our customers with all the services they need for developing the digital journey of their customers. In our work, we focus on strategy, marketing technologies and utilizing data, content, service design and advertising. I believe that I’ll be able to contribute to developing the service offerings of both Klikki and Nordic Morning, and I am looking forward to developing our customers’ business together with them”.

For further information, please contact: Jukka Sundquist, Managing Director, Klikkicom Oy,, tel. 040 587 4128; Tero Tiainen, Strategy and Business Development Director, Klikkicom Oy,, tel. 040 5732223.

Posted by Jukka Sundquist

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