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Pauliina Nikola, Project Manager in Helsinki 

1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Klikki?

I live in Helsinki in the new and upcoming area of Kalasatama.
I have been at Klikki for about 1,5 years now. My previous colleague had just started at Klikki and knew I was looking for new challenges and she recommended me to my current supervisor. I didn’t know about this and just when I was about to write an application for an interesting position in an interesting company called Klikki, Klikki contacted me first and so the story began.

2. What do you do at Klikki?

I work as a Project Manager taking care of existing customers, making sure that the promised is happening. I love working with people and help them to reach their goals in this rapidly transforming digital world.

3. What at Klikki do you love the most?

Definitely our very professional and fun Klikki people! Of course also my everyday challenging job and interesting customer cases. I really love working in this trusted environment where I can freely manage my work.

4. Your best experience at Klikki so far has been...

There are so many, but one example is the Klikki Music Awards where teams got to make their own music videos. That was lot a of fun! Second best experience was when I was awarded as Jury’s Pick for my positivity and work done for one of our big clients.

5. Describe working at Klikki in three words

Together we succeed!



Posted by Petra Lilius

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