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Heikki Kokkonen, Strategy Director in Helsinki 

1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Klikki?

I was born and raised in the Eastern part of Finland, in the world-famous opera town of Savonlinna. Yes - I am one of those “devious”, happy and relaxed 'Savo-people' - and I am proud of it :). Prior to Klikki I have been working within digital marketing, eCommerce, business consulting and social media.

I knew Klikki from before and I knew that Klikki was one of the leading players in the Nordics within digital marketing and when I was approached with an opportunity to join, it was a no-brainer to join the team.

2. What do you do at Klikki?

I work as a Strategy Director, being in charge of our strategy team that focuses on helping our clients do better business within digital. Moreover, I work as a digital strategist in our biggest key accounts, lead our sales and push our business forward in the local management team.  

3. What at Klikki do you love the most?

Monday mornings! We have a fantastic team here at Klikki and even more greater clients that we work with. This makes Klikki a really wonderful workplace and when you are in the midst of interesting projects, it feels like you are not actually working but learning new things with awesome people. Of course, the Klikki-spirit, which is engrained in our culture and all the great events and parties we have, make being here even more unforgettable. 

4. Your best experience at Klikki so far has been...

It is really difficult to name the best experience. I have been at Klikki for over two years now and during this time there have been loads of great success stories with our clients, unforgettable parties, seminars abroad and all-in-all good times. However, if I have to pick something I would say it is a recent new client win, where we were selected as the client’s global partner after a long RFP process - being a sales guy at heart, a closed deal always brings a smile to my face. 

5. Describe working at Klikki in three words

Always Be Closing. 



Posted by Petra Lilius

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