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Mika Niskanen, Paid Media Consultant in Helsinki

1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Klikki? 

I'm from the cultural metropole of Finland, Järvenpää. I was still studying and trying to decide on the topic for my Master's thesis when I read about Klikki, or actually Jukka Sundquist's interview about RTB in Kauppalehti. I contacted him and asked if it was possible to do my final thesis about Klikki and after finishing the thesis, I joined the Adwords Academy and a long story short, here I am.

2. What do you do at Klikki?

I'm a Paid media consultant, so basically I work with all the paid media channels and tools the client and I find useful for their business - building online marketing plans, accounts, optimizing and reporting in a nut shell.

3. What at Klikki do you love the most?

Probably the professional attitude towards work at the same time being laid back and having fun while working, but also after work. Number one for me must be the nice coworkers I have.

4. Your best experience at Klikki so far has been... 

Can't really point out just one experience but definitely the Klikki parties throughout my years here - and the ones to come...

5. Describe working at Klikki in three words

Schnitzel Friday already?


Posted by Petra Lilius

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