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Facebook custom audience targeting has been an effective way to reach the most engaged users allowing advertisers to target their ads to existing customers, website and app visitors. When Facebook first released the newest ‘Engagement custom audience’ you can imagine us being pretty excited! With engagement audiences you can reach users who have interacted with your content on Facebook. It is a powerful new way to reach people most valuable to you, as those who engage with your content are most likely those interested in your brand.

You can create audiences of people who have spent time watching your videos, opened or completed form in Lead adverts, opened Canvas or interacted with your page; brands are now able to create audiences based on the following types of page engagement:

· Anyone who visited page

· People who engaged with any post or advert

· People who clicked on any call-to-action button

· People who sent a message to page

· People who saved page or any post

 These new custom audiences can also be used for creating Lookalikes (similar audiences) and audience exclusions. To prevent poor ad delivery, make sure your audiences are not overlapping when used in the same campaign using the Facebook overlap tool.

Have you already tested engagement custom audiences? We at Klikki are happy to tell you more and help you get started!

Posted by Kirsikka Machreich

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