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Technology is revolutionising the marketing landscape, both in terms of the way our customers interact with our brand and the tools we use to keep track of all their data. In the digitised world, marketers need to master big data and automation to achieve the degree of personalisation expected by customers.

Digital Marketing Perspectives is a top-level, four-day certificate course designed to help you keep pace with that change and make the most of it.

Over four days you will get the big picture on all the latest developments in marketing strategy, analytics and insights, search marketing, multi-channel marketing, and much more, with practical workshops to improve your business results.


Digital Marketing Perspectives 


Miss Clara Hotel, Stockholm


6-7 April and 3-4 May 2017

Price: 30.000 kr ex VAT

Stay ahead of the curve and book your place now!

Sign up here | +46 8 610 20 00

For program and speakers, visit: 

Posted by Marie Nyböle

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