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Another year has past and it is time to shift our focus towards the year 2017 and what is ahead. Before we do that though, it is also good to reflect on the main topics from last year.


The big theme for year 2016 was technology and data, again. It is almost starting to become old to talk about it, since this theme has been a hot topic for the last 3 - 5 years. Still, the reality is that this is the topic in almost all discussions. Some things changed during 2016 around it though.

First of all, it seems that in the data driven marketing space, the most asked question changed from being what kind of data we should collect to how can we collect the data. This is a fundamental change in the tech and data discussion.

As we start to ask the latter question, we change the conversation towards the technologies needed. As we do that, we quickly start to talk about technology ecosystems, walled gardens and so forth. In the end, the shift in talks towards these technologies means that we are finally starting to see development on a larger scale within the data driven marketing space.

Secondly, some marketers that are a bit further ahead with their data driven marketing development, started to ask the next question: how can we actually benefit from all this data that we have collected? This of course is the ultimate holy grail of data driven marketing. There is not that much point of going through all the efforts in collecting differents kinds of data sets if we can’t find real benefits from them.

It has been really interesting to see how a big amount of data collected has put things in a more realistic perspective. We as agencies, technology providers and marketers have been talking about these theoretical ideas of how data will make pretty much everything better, but now that the data is there, we realize that data by itself does not solve everything.

Thus during 2016 we started to discuss more and more about how we can manage those data sets and how we can make actions through the data collected. This is why data management platforms have started to become a hot topic as well as the competences needed to make concrete actions from that managed data. It is a pretty safe bet that these kinds of technologies and competences will also be a hot topic in 2017. This of course is only natural course of action and the right development within the data driven marketing space since, only after being able to manage data and make actions from it, you will get the real benefits of your technology and data efforts.

With these thoughts we shift your focus towards this year. It is easy to predict that tech and data will still remain as the topic in our discussions. What makes us at Klikki excited is the fact that we in the data driven marketing space are starting to ask the right questions around the topic. So happy data driven new year to all our clients! Let’s make it a great one!

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Posted by Jukka Sundquist

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